SOFEC is an Industry Leader

SOFEC is a Leader in the Engineering and Contruction of Single Point Morring Systems for FPSO, FSO, FLNG, FSRU and Marine Terminals. Building on the strengths and capabilities that have made us an industry leader, SOFEC is constantly working to find new and innovative means of satisfying changing customer needs for years to come.

SOFEC began as Specialised Offshore Facilities and Engineered Componets to served the requirements of the Offshore Oil Industry by providing facilities for mooring and loading/offloading tankers. Since then, we have completed over 100 projects in most areass of the world and has developed a sophisticated technology base which has expanded SOFEC's market place from import/export terminals, to include advanced permanent mooring stations for floating production and storage facilities and a significant presence in the U.S. Military market.

SOFEC's technology includes excellent capabilities for the for the prediction of loads and motions on floating structures and the ability to successfully design and construct specialty equipment to meet an increasing variety of applications.

SOFEC's Talents are experts in the development of environmental forces, hydrodynamic analysis, structural dynamics, geotechnical analysis and the design of structural, mechanical and hydraulic systems, classical engineering capabilities, Our Talents are also skilled in the practical requirements imposed by the fabrication and assembly of large structural components and heavy, precision machined weldments, transportation, installation, testing and maintenance of these systems in the ocean environment.

In December 2006, MODEC Inc. acquired SOFEC to enable MODEC to strengthen its competitiveness in the FPSO industry by ensuring ongoing access to SOFEC's patented turret and mooring technologies for MODEC's FPSO and FSO construction business. SOFEC is a MODEC group of Company.